’s Roof Vents category features Lexcor’s Flash-Tite Hooded and One-Way Insulation Vents, as well as Lexmat Residential Attic Vents. Flash-Tite One-Way Insulation Vents relieve vapour pressure and help remove moisture from the insulation layer in low-slope commercial roofs, while Flash-Tite Hooded Roof Vents are multi-use products designed to safely and efficiently discharge moisture-laden air, fumes and heat within the building or roof structure. Lexmat’s Maxiflo Vents are residential polypropylene attic vents, for sloped roofs, designed to prolong the life of the roof system by reducing moisture and trapped air pressure within the roof system, whereas Lexmat’s R112, R312 and R412 Vents are constructed of galvanized steel and are also used for optimal attic ventilation.