Sitting Water on your Roof can Cause Massive Damage

Did you know that sitting water can be just as damaging to a roof as a leak can be – it’s true! With many commercial buildings choosing to install flat roofs, one of its biggest enemies ends up being sitting water. To some, this might be hard to believe. Water just sitting there may not […]

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3 Ways to Increase Sales on Commercial Roofs and get more Customers

There are three key things to keep in mind when attempting to generate sales in commercial roofing markets.

Above all else, a successful commercial roofing contractor includes clear marketing messages, key pieces of business information, and techniques to build trust and credibility in their advertising.

Finding success in commercial roofing is not just about being honest […]

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How to get a Worn Roof Fixed

It’s troubling sometimes for homeowners who see their roofs slightly or severely worn. They may be debating whether a roof will be able to handle a tough winter or a wet spring. In terms of getting a roof inspection done, some might be apprehensive about the additional cost. That said, if you’re worried about a […]

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4 Ways to Maximize your Roof’s Lifespan

Massive advancements in roofing technology has meant roofs lasting longer than ever before. Better materials and more thorough installation techniques have given many roofs the potential to last longer.

Choosing the Right Materials

If you want to maximize your roof’s lifespan, choosing the right materials is key. Traditional asphalt shingles are not going to extend your roof’s […]

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Key Tips on Getting your Home and Roof Ready for Winter

Throughout Canada and the northern United States, many regions get hit hard by winter. Heavy snow, ice storms, and/or extreme cold are the norm in these parts. These types of weather conditions can take their toll on a home.

Even if you are adequately prepared, there’s still no telling what the weather may bring with it. […]

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The Best Drones to Use for Roofing Inspection

Drones used in roofing inspection is increasingly common across North America. Held in high regard in the construction and building inspection industries as well, drones in roofing have significant value.

They make the inspection process go faster, lower costs, and there is no risk involved. By using a drone to determine the quality of roofing, a […]

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If You Want to Run a Successful Roofing Company, Don’t Fail!

Most roofing companies fail within three years and that’s a fact. Why this is the case does not have to do with the quality of roofer.

Even with the best roofers in the world, if they don’t work at developing the business knowledge to succeed, they will never see long-term success in their local market.

To any […]

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5 Dangers to Keep in Mind if You’re a Roofing Contractor this Winter

Throughout winter, the last place most people want to be is on a roof. Populated with endless hazards, if you’re a roofing contractor, you can’t head up there unprepared. At risk are injury and death. Here’s are the five biggest warnings you want to watch out for when deciding what to pack.


Skin needs to be […]

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Take Care of your Commercial Roof

Managing a commercial roof can come with its share of expenses. When issues do become present and are left unaddressed, a minor problem can become a very big one rather fast. To get the most out of your roof’s lifespan, there are some things you may want to consider.

The Roofing Material needs to be Premiere […]

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5 Types of Commercial Roofs to find the Best Value

Any commercial building should be built in a way to keep the property safe, to get the most value from the construction expense, and the materials used and installed should be built to last.

Considering a new commercial roof or replacing one, don’t let price be the only factor you give attention to. There’s a roof’s […]

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Selecting a Commercial Building Metal Roof

Buying metal roofing for commercial buildings comes with many choices, specifications, and standards that need to be weighed and considered. In terms of tips and guidelines on metal roofing, we find a lot of the time the discussion to be around residential properties. Today, we’re going to delve into metal roofing for commercial buildings and […]

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Reduce Roof Replacement Costs with These 5 Ways to Save Money

The average cost to replace an asphalt shingle roof in North America is just under $21,000. Depending on the kind of roofing material you have, where you are in the world, what time of year it is, and a number of other factors, a roof may cost a lot less or a lot more. For […]

11 Ways to Fix Roof Leaks and Protect Your Roof

To fix roof leaks, there are a number of things to consider and check. While it is important to ensure that leaks are fixed as soon as possible and that your roof is properly protected, remember to put safety first. Here are the top 10 ways to fix roof leaks on residential properties.

Eliminate Leaks as […]

Ask Your Potential Roofer These 7 Questions Before Hiring

There are a lot of great roofing contractors out there who will tell you everything you want to hear. They’ll sit down with you and talk about the process of replacing a roof, the timeline of the project, and its cost.

Naturally, at some point in the conversation, he will want to know if you have […]